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Why might a client bring a construction defect claim?

| Mar 15, 2021 | Construction Law |

Clients usually have very specific visions when they hire a contractor to do work on their home. It’s imperative that you fully understand those specifics and other applicable points of the project before you start on it. This can help you to avoid some issues, but it won’t help to stop them all.

When you’re working for a client, you have to ensure that you’re doing things in the proper manner. Sometimes, problems that occur during the project can lead to you facing legal issues that stem from a construction defect claim.

What issues can lead to legal claims?

Many construction defect lawsuits are due to major issues, including mistakes, that the contractor makes. These are typically due to negligence, fraud, breach of contract, negligent misrepresentation or similar factors. It isn’t always easy for them to prove what happened, but it’s always best for contractors to ensure they’re handing things effectively.

It’s imperative that you use the materials that you stated in the construction contract. Using inferior materials could lead to a legal claim. The same is true of workmanship. You should ensure that the workmanship matches what you told the client they’d receive. For example, you can’t have an apprentice work on the project when you told the client that you’d have a master carpenter work do it.

Typically, clients will give contractors a chance to rectify the issue before they turn to the legal system. If you’re given this opportunity, consider it carefully. If legal action is initiated, you should learn about your options for addressing the issue. Your attorney can help you to protect your business.