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A Comprehensive Construction Law And Litigation Practice

The construction industry is an economic driver in Arizona. It can be both lucrative and volatile. While opportunities are ripe for profiting through successful completion of major projects, risks also abound. Delays and payment disputes are common. Legal counsel for industry professionals, including owners and contractors, is critical to navigate the completion of a construction and preserve legal rights in the process.

Minore Law has earned a strong reputation among industry players and legal professionals alike. Attorney Dominica J. Minore has stood out among construction law attorneys in Arizona. Her knowledge is widely respected, as she regularly delivers seminars on mechanic’s liens and payment remedies for members of the construction industry.

Protecting Interests For A Full Spectrum Of Clients

Commercial property owners and developers all face myriad strategic and legal challenges along the road of a construction project – and risks do not end after construction equipment moves on.

Litigation may arise when new owners and tenants take possession, discover alleged defects and bring damage claims. Furthermore, government agencies may also allege violations of regulations and other rules governing builders and other licensed contractors.

Areas Of Concern And Challenge

Minore Law advises and assists clients throughout Arizona with a variety of matters associated with construction, including:

Attorney Minore addresses a wide range of construction law issues facing construction industry players. She often presents seminars to educate and train the industry about construction law remedies. Her extensive experience, well-honed legal skills and in-depth understanding of the Arizona construction industry offer distinct benefits to clients of the firm.

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