Protecting The Best Interests Of Commercial Clients In The Construction Field And Other Industries

Skilled Representation For Mechanic’s And Materialmen’s Claims

A lot of money changes hands in a construction project, with multiple parties obligated to pay or dependent upon payment from others. One of the legal instruments used to ensure payment is a mechanic’s or materialmen’s lien. Such a lien places an encumbrance on the property, which the lien holder can foreclose on if the owner or contractor fails to pay for services or materials. These disputes are complex and should be handled by an attorney with significant experience representing clients in construction-related legal matters.

At Minore Law, attorney Dominica Minore has more than two decades of experience handling mechanic’s liens and related construction law matters. Whether you are a lienholder, property owner, lender or another party with interests in a mechanic’s lien in Arizona, Ms. Minore is prepared to protect your financial interests.

Properly Handling A Mechanic’s Lien

Before a mechanic’s lien can be enforced, it must be properly filed and perfected. Failure to complete all of the complex steps and meet strict deadlines can diminish your ability to enforce the lien. Attorney Dominica Minore has successfully handled numerous mechanic’s and materialmen’s liens in more than 20 years of practices. She routinely delivers seminars and in-house trainings on these matters for the benefit of owners and construction professionals.

Explore Effective Legal Options

Our firm can help you litigate mechanic’s lien disputes or help you attain favorable, out-of-court results through alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration. To discuss your legal options with an experienced construction law attorney in Scottsdale, contact our law office online or by telephone at 480-428-3229.