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The Importance Of Strong Construction Contracts

Legal contracts make every party involved in a construction project aware of their rights and obligations. In many ways, contracts are the glue that holds a construction project together. Without sound contracts in place, your financial interests may lie on a shaky foundation. With an experienced attorney on your side, you can rest assured your interests are protected in the clear and binding language of a carefully drafted agreement.

Minore Law, in Scottsdale, provides experienced legal guidance to construction businesses and professionals throughout Arizona. Attorney Dominica Minore has more than two decades of experience drafting, reviewing and negotiating construction contracts. General contractors, subcontractors, developers, owners, lenders and other parties in the construction industry turn to attorney Minore when they need airtight contracts for construction projects in Arizona.

What Makes A Good Construction Contract?

A good construction contract should be clear and precise in detailing cost, the scope of work, schedule and other key elements of a construction project. It should be free of ambiguities that, in the event of a future dispute, force judges or arbitrators to guess what the drafters meant.

Often, you don’t realize the importance of a good contract until a problem arises. With the number of disputes prevalent in the construction industry, such problems are inevitable. When a dispute arises, we return to the language of the contract to determine each party’s rights and obligations. This is when you will be glad your contracts were established with care and attention to detail.

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