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Help! I just got served with a lawsuit for my business

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2021 | Business Law |

First, take a deep breath. You are going to get through this. Sooner or later, all businesses face litigation of some sort, so you are in good company.

The next thing you should do is contact your business law attorney. Lawsuits are on a timeline, and the clock starts ticking when you or your representative gets served with the petition. Your attorney will have a specific amount of time to file a response to the petition for damages. Failing to act means the plaintiff wins by default, so take action now.

But I don’t understand why I’m being sued!

Perhaps you have been in a dispute with a supplier or customer and they just upped the ante by filing a lawsuit. Deficient complaints can be addressed with a motion to dismiss, but they can also be amended and re-filed.

The complaint the plaintiff filed will detail the reason for the complaint being filed. Your response is the rebuttal and might include affirmative defenses wherein you admit something did occur but explain why your company is not liable for the outcome or problem.

Will I have to appear in court?

You might. Prior to that, however, you may need to give a deposition, under oath. This will occur during the discovery phase of the lawsuit where the defendant (you) and the plaintiff both have to answer questions honestly under oath and submit relevant documents.

The good news is that most business lawsuits settle or get dismissed before winding up in court. Your Scottsdale business law attorney will advise you of the best outcome in the case and help you to work toward that goal.