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How to handle a customer’s online complaints

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2021 | Firm News |

Homeowners and business owners who hire construction companies to complete projects expect the job will be done to their specifications and up to the contract’s standards. While this usually happens, there are times when a client simply isn’t happy with the outcome.

Those clients may turn to the Internet to voice their concerns. As a construction company owner, it’s imperative that you handle those complaints appropriately, especially if there’s a contract covering the project.

How should you handle online complaints?

Take time to calm down before you reply to the comments. The key to doing this is to remember that a complaint can be a marketing tool. It shows potential customers that you care about the feedback you receive after the project is completed and that customer service is a priority for your company.

You must ensure that you’re able to complete any resolution you offered. This is critical because you don’t want the trouble that could come if you fail to meet the resolution you offered. While it’s important to apologize, try to do so in a way that doesn’t admit liability just in case the customer decides to file a legal claim based on the complaint.

Taking the time to consider the validity of the complaint and the possible solution is critical when you’re trying to address complaints about your business. Review the construction contract governing the project to double-check that you met your responsibilities. It is important to determine what response to the complaint is appropriate. If the person has filed a lawsuit, it may be in your best interests not to reply at all while the case is pending.