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Legal pitfalls to be aware of in business

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2022 | Business Law |

Running a business is about so much more than the product you sell or the services you provide.

A lack of expertise in areas such as marketing or sales could hinder your ability to grow, but a lack of knowledge in legal matters could see your company shut down or dragged through the courts.

The laws you must abide by cover a wide range of topics

A wide range of agencies enforces these laws. Hence it is typically best to get outside help to ensure you do not make mistakes that can lead to lawsuits.

Here are some of the issues that could land you in court without appropriate legal guidance:

  • Employment laws: The more workers you take on, the greater the risk of litigation as you will have less direct control of the situation. You will rely on managers, supervisors and human resource teams to ensure legal compliance.
  • Environmental laws: These have tightened considerably over the last decade and are likely to continue doing so.
  • Planning and zoning laws: What might seem like a simple business adaptation to you could lead to a lengthy legal battle if you do not check you are allowed to do it first.
  • Contract laws: You cannot exist alone and should cement your business relationships in writing. Contracts should safeguard you but can leave you vulnerable if poorly written.
  • Intellectual property laws: Few things are entirely original anymore, and many businesses find themselves in court because they inadvertently infringed someone’s property rights. Or because someone has infringed theirs.

Whatever stage your company is at, seeking legal help to ensure you comply with all relevant laws can reduce the risk of business litigation and help you deal with it if it does occur.