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Why partner with a business attorney ?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2021 | Business Law |

Business owners may face a variety of challenges as they work to build and grow their success. You may be able to address some of these challenges without legal guidance. For example, you likely will not need attorney assistance when making employee schedules that work for all your staff members. Still, there are times when having a lawyer on your side can save the day.

Situations in which an attorney can help

We live in an everchanging world, which means many unforeseen problems can arise to affect your company. Some of the circumstances in which business owners can benefit from authoritative legal guidance include the following.

Business formation: If you are new to the business world, a lawyer can help you organize and structure your company to reduce legal problems. For example, an attorney can explain the pros and cons of various business structures like a partnership or a sole proprietorship.

Drafting contracts: Protecting your interests is a top priority any time you must enter a business contract with other parties. Having someone help you draft your contracts or review them on your behalf is always wise.

Brand protection: Once you create a brand for your business (including logos and trademarks), it is vital to protect it from infringement. If someone does try to use your brand to promote their interests, you can take legal action to remedy the situation.

Litigation: Litigation can be scary, but you may need to sue someone or someone could target your business in a lawsuit. If or when litigation arises, you will need someone to help you through the process.

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