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3 bad qualities in a business partner

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2024 | Business Law |

Many businesses improve when an owner seeks out a business partner. A partner can bring in knowledge and experience to raise productivity, interest and sales in a business. However, that doesn’t happen for everyone. 

Choosing the right business partner is important because this kind of professional relationship could last for a long time. There are often some signs that will give a clue that a partner isn’t right for the role. Here are a few bad qualities to look out for: 

They show that they can’t be trusted

Trust is a very important part of a partner relationship. A partner may show that they can’t be trusted in several ways. They may make promises that they didn’t keep, steal from a business, leave work unfinished or hide important information, for example. If a business owner can’t trust their partner, then it could lead to serious trouble for a business. 

They try to run the entire business

Business owners and partners often share responsibilities. A partner could create some issues if they decide to run the business by themself without working alongside the owner. Their actions could seriously harm a business’s reputation and operations. 

They create conflicts with loyal employees

A business owner may have several loyal employees who have worked for the business for many years without conflict. A partner could come into the business and suddenly have issues with employees. A partner may be stepping over boundaries and creating issues that aren’t there. 

It’s important to create a strong business partnership agreement that allows you to handle issues with a partner. An agreement may outline how to resolve conflict with a partner and what should happen if the issue is not resolved. Having legal guidance by your side can help as you negotiate the important details of a business partnership agreement.