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Why do construction projects miss deadlines?

| Jul 30, 2021 | Construction Law |

As a contractor, you know that you may miss a deadline for a reason that is entirely out of your control. In a perfect world, everything would come together smoothly, but it simply does not happen in all cases. This can be a big problem when working with suppliers, subcontractors and others who can slow down your process due to their own mistakes or delays.

However, your clients may become frustrated by this and even allege that you have breached the contract by not getting done on time. It’s important to understand why these things happen.

Top reasons for delays

Some reports have indicted that up to 70% of construction projects go beyond the initial deadline. Each project may come with its own unique challenges, but these are some of the main reasons projects get delayed and miss deadlines:

  • The company cannot find the workers and laborers needed to get the job done on time.
  • There are delays in the supply chain that mean parts and materials simply are not on site when needed.
  • The weather turns and certain parts of the project cannot be done when planned.
  • There are unexpected issues; for instance, a construction company that was hired to do a renovation may find cracks in the foundation that have to be fixed first.
  • There is miscommunication with the team, such as a subcontractor who doesn’t show up because they misinterpreted when they were needed.

If you wind up facing a dispute from a client who claims that you breached the contract, it’s a very serious issue for your company, and it is important that you understand all of the legal options you have.