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Building good landlord-tenant relationships

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2021 | Real Estate Law |

There are all kinds of tricky tenants in Arizona who cause headaches or even nightmares for even the most seasoned landlords. Some love eardrum-rattling music or parties, have pets that will chew or destroy anything they can get their teeth around or abuse property. Some don’t pay their rent or always pay it chronically late. What’s a landlord to do?

You are not alone or stuck. There are solutions for these situations. You just need to be informed about them, see what works best for you in each situation and be aware of any possible legal ramifications.

The first thing you should do is to figure out who you are dealing with right from the start. There are a few ways to get a solid sense of whether a prospective tenant is a reasonable prospect or a poor one.

Getting off to a good start with prospective tenants

This is an important step that can help you avoid difficulties in the future. Doing your due diligence now is definitely worth the time you spend. Here are some important things to remember before and after they sign a rental agreement or lease:

  • You will want to know if the person is trustworthy, honest, reliable, stable and responsible. Conduct credit and background checks.
  • Be responsive to their complaints if they come to you for help after settling in. Tenants appreciate that a lot.
  • Act professionally. Being too chummy with your tenants is probably not your best bet. You want their respect — not necessarily to be their pal.
  • If you are not familiar with laws governing the rights of landlords in Arizona, locate that information and keep it in mind in case you need it.

Some sticky situations can arise when tenant-related matters flare up. Having things escalate to the point of going to court to settle them should be your last resort.