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Always be prepared for possible construction defect allegations

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2022 | Construction Law |

You don’t need to worry about construction defect claims when you provide high-quality work. That is a motto many contractors believe in, but allegations of defects can arise despite your excellent work ethic.

Subcontractors or other tradespeople could cause a defect, for example, or damage the work you already performed. Preparing for possible claims and remaining prepared can go a long way in helping you avoid potentially costly legal issues.

Insure your company

A premium insurance policy can protect against some, though not all, construction defect claims. We suggest investing in a policy that provides your business with comprehensive coverage. If a defect claim leads to litigation, your insurer must aid in defending your company.

Review the paperwork

You should really study the project and its components (design specs, requested materials, work schedules, etc.) to look for potential conflicts. For example, a thorough review could reveal that the building materials requested by the owner won’t work with the project design.

Document every project

Document your construction projects from start to finish to establish a detailed record of the work performed. Handwritten notes, still photos and video records are good examples of documentation. These records can help you find possible defect issues early and perhaps absolve your company in defect claims arising after the project ends.

With these vital forms of evidence and documentation, you and your legal advocate can address Arizona construction defect claims efficiently. You will spend less time collecting evidence to defend against the claim, possibly leading to a swift conclusion.

We also recommend refreshing your knowledge of construction law and exploring the defense strategies against defect claims.