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3 tips for managing subcontractors

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2023 | Construction Law |

General contractors can only do so much, especially when time is limited. With most projects, they need to work with subcontractors to carry out specialized tasks. However, for a project to be successful, as a contractor, you should manage the companies or individuals you hire.

Here are three tips for managing subcontractors.

1. Communicate your expectations

When the property owner hired you, they informed you of their expectations. Since your subcontractors will handle many of the technicalities of the project, they should be informed of such expectations in addition to yours.

This can help you assess if a subcontractor can satisfy the job. For instance, a subcontractor should explain how they will work, be it site preparation, plumbing, or electrical wiring, and you can analyze if they can meet the project’s needs.

2. Have deadlines

Once you choose reliable subcontractors, you should agree on deadlines. You should set a deadline for the project and individual tasks. For instance, a structure and framing subcontractor can be asked to complete work by a particular date for others to start working. If one subcontractor delays, everyone may be affected. Thus, it’s crucial to be strict about deadlines.

3. Follow up closely

Cases of subcontractors failing to comply with safety measures and delivering low-quality work have been reported. Thus, while you may have taken time to hire reliable parties, you should follow up on their work closely. Go through submitted reports and visit work sites to confirm if everything meets the agreed standard.

Subcontracting offers numerous benefits in the construction industry. However, you may also face problems with your subcontractor. If this happens, you should get legal guidance to consider your next moves.